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75 Brinks Dr, Honeydew CA

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883 Hunts Dr, McKinleyville CA

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1853 B Ave, McKinleyville CA

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1660 Johnson Ln, McKinleyville CA

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150 Gertrude Lane, Crescent City CA

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7051 Linda Rd., Eureka CA

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1637 Brigid Lane, Arcata CA

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4636 Old Railroad Grade Rd, Mckinelyville, CA

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2726 M Street, Eureka CA

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721 Ferncrest Rd, Trinidad CA

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430 Mad River Rd, Arcata CA

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5153 Cummings Rd, Eureka Ca

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115 Shadowbrook, Loleta Ca

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6081 South Bank, Crescent City, Ca

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4911 North Bank Rd, Crescent City, Ca

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Real Estate

Want the best aerial photography service in Humboldt County? Call or email today (ph. (707) 341-BOTS (2687) e. for a quote on your next project. You work hard for your clients so hire us to provide the best visual experience of your listings.

Why are we the best? Easy…

We start with professional photographers.

We don’t hire drone geeks. We hire professional photographers and then train them how to fly. Your business doesn’t need a drone. Your business needs high quality photographs and video that can dazzle prospective buyers and capture their imaginations of a new home. That’s why we hire professional photographers who know exactly what it takes to bring out the best features of any listing.

We Focus on training, certification & licensing.

Of course we can’t have someone that doesn’t know what they are doing flying a piece of expensive technology around your client’s property. Our drones are commercial grade photography equipment with propellers. They are heavy enough to cause damage if they aren’t flown by expert pilots. We train & certify every photographer on every drone in our fleet. They are not allowed to sit for their FAA licensing test until they can prove themselves first as a Humbot pilot. No pilot flies for your clients without a current FAA Part 107 license.

We only use state of the art technology.

We purchase & build our drone fleet using cutting edge technology with features that enhance the quality, safety, and efficiency of each flight. Our drones use collision avoidance artificial intelligence which enables our ability to capture exterior fly overs AND interior virtual tours. Your clients will enjoy a unique experience of your listings that will help you reduce the time on market and increase the number & quality of offers submitted.

We produce the highest quality post-production digital edits in the market.

There are so many variables that can impact the quality of the raw film footage. Lighting, weather, background noise and undesirable visual objects can reduce the impact of your stills & video. That is why we start with the best photographers first. We invest in industry recognized post-production editing software so we can correct conditions, minor blemishes and playback performance so you end up with the finest showcase possible.

We provide the fastest turn around in the industry.

Finally, we don’t mess around. You work hard for your clients and we work hard for you. We will deliver your digital stills & video within 1-2 days guaranteed.