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The Company

HumBots Data & Analysis is an environmental technology company in Northern California using UAV drones, LiDAR and multispectral photometry data science to better manage our natural resources and environment.

Services We Offer

HumBots delivers high quality data at a low cost

Aerial Photography

Capture the best features and moments with high-quality aerial photos and video.


Create robust perspective and relief imagery with scale to showcase elevations and unique property & landscape features.


Monitor wildlife, power/gas lines, inspect roofs, solar panels, and identify fire hotspots.


Capture more data, accurately and faster with drone-based LiDAR to have a better understanding of your property/project.


Collect information on the health of vegetation, nutrition, or identify species, pest/diseases, and water-stress.

Recent Shots

Take a look at a few photos and clips we shot.

Our Team

A team of foresters, students, and entrepreneurs.

Danny Kelley

Danny Kelley is a passionate business coach and leader. He recently relocated to the North Coast from Seattle with his wife and 3 children. Danny owns Edge Caliber (, a public benefit corporation with a specific purpose of using its business to inspire individual, social, and environmental change that improves the human condition. His experience includes a 20 year career in software development using Agile methodologies. Danny holds a BA in Cross-Cultural Studies and an AA in Business. He holds several certifications in coaching and is affiliated with the ICF.

Joe Snipes

Joe Snipes has lived on the North Coast his entire life and has worked in a variety of forestry professions from roads and trail maintenance to wildland fire management. Joe’s interests revolve around maintaining long term forest health and the ground work in making that happen. He holds an A.S. in Forestry from College of the Redwoods and owns ForestScapes LLC, a forest management company. Joe enjoys spending time with his family and friends and being outdoors.

Benjamin Neff

Benjamin Neff is driven by an admiration and curiosity of the natural world. This feeds his passion for protecting and maintaining Earth's natural resources for future generations. Ben moved from Illinois to Northern California to pursue a degree in Forestry and Natural Resources at the College of the Redwoods where he has completed his AS in Forestry and Natural Resources along with a certificate in geomatics. Benjamin hopes to use his understanding of forestry with modern technology to promote better management of Earth's natural resources.

Daniel Rodriguez

Daniel Rodriguez is a young entrepreneur from San Diego, California. He moved to Arcata, California to attend school at Humboldt State University in the Fall of 2014. Daniel pursues a degree in Economics but is also interested in the fields of Physics and Astronomy. Daniel was brought into Humbots during the HSU Google startup weekend and has been a key component to the growth of the company. In the future, Daniel looks to start many new ventures for Humbots and branch out into various fields of science in hopes to be a leader in innovation to create a better world for the environment and humanity.